Ultima Online Minor Artifacts

April 23, 2010

My dear Arctic Death Dealer,Wrath of the Dryad love muffin. Oh how I Violet Courage thee. I Staff of Power awake at night Candelabra of Souls of you. It is my deepest desire to Ship Model of The H.M.S. Cape thy presence on a Gloves of the pugilist and Polar bear mask date this evening. We could go Pixie Swatter a bite to eat at Phillip’s Wooden Steed. And then take a Orcish Visage along the Nox Ranger’s Heavy Crossbow streets of downtown Luna Lance. Or take a Enchanted Titan Leg BoneNight’s Kiss drawn carriage ride. It doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we are together. Please respond with a mad lib of your creation.

Ed Serenson plays in a rock band called “The Bow of the Juka King“. It’s no ordinary band. Each member plays a different Lolo’s Lute! Ed’s most embarrassing moment was when he broke his Shield of Invulnerability on stage. He was singing his latest hit, “I Love The Way You Heart of the Lion“. Ed performed his other hit song called “Dancing With A Gwenno’s Harp“. During the performance, Ed danced so Gold Bricks that the audience started to Burglar’s Bandana. Ed’s a good singer, but he dances like a Blaze of Death Ultima Online Gold. Ed left early that night so he could prepare his Buy UO Gold for a fishing trip. Waiting at the docks was his boat, “The Spirit of UO Gold“. To be continued …


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